New whiteness map just dropped

New whiteness map just dropped

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the Vatican is the only real monarchy THOUGH

Asspaniard thread, ignored.

t. scatalan or basqcuck

this time

notice how they are all viking descene populations

really shows you how monarchy is all about tribalism

>help! n1ggerm4n trudeau, save me!

Ayo hol up hol up. So you be sayin’, we wuz vikangz n shiet?

You wuz

Ugh, my vikang brothers in Spain, Belgium, Andorra...

>he doesn't know about how some of our most famous cities were originally viking settlements
Bruges was inorinically founded by vikangz
we don't really descent from them though, only minor admixture near the coast, presumably

I just realized we should've been called the United queendom all this time

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Didn't your coast have Saxons and Frisians too back then? The north sea coast used to be wild

Frisians for a pretty long time even. Saxons at one point were in all of at least northern Belgium

Honestly our region was just a fuckfest. People were getting genocided and moving in every 3 months

Flemings should take pride in both having fought for and developed land so precious.

We should, but unfortunately any type of Flemish pride is vilified immensely here because of WW2 collaboration went hand in hand with Flemish nationalism.
So now even just saying you are proud to be Flemish gets you labelled a nazi
it's ridiculous

>kingdom of BBC

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true Europe is pagan kingdoms, heavily balkanized into units

Stay strong and let them whine. You know what you're doing and can tell that it's right

>Ey mate i dont see you dick hard in my wifes arse mbanza

Andorra is essentially a republic though.