Are things bad in your country?

are things bad in your country?

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>yes let me just record and post our daughter for the pedos out there

What an amerimutt kid

this thread will go down the shitter, will it not?

The nigga mermaid

wtf that mermaid is black?? damn the world is coming to an end...also I'm being genocided...

is that kid white or not?


Will the mermaid cinematic universe ever recover???

Why this kid's face look so odd? Loooool

brb gotta watch some movie about Jesus where he's played by a white man

Lil bitch look like hasbullah lmao

>posting your kid online
The new generation will never know privacy. Why is it acceptable for these """parents""" to sell their kids' data to multinational corporations?

Dios mio!


the browns are mad

You didn't know privacy retard. The government can at will get a folder with your entire life's story in it within three weeks if they want.

Funny when you notice the mermaid changed its race because there was people like you that desperately wanted it
I wonder who's being fragile here lmao

"the government" can also kick down your door and imprison assassinate you. who cares man. just because "they" can do it doesn't mean there's no point in trying

>A Brazilian wishes to be white
It's a shitty movie and most likely no one will watch it compared to the original. Why does some fish looking bitch being mulatta impact your life in anyway? Were you going to see this film had it been someone else? Stupid macaco

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Oooh thats cute he believes governents didnt have infos on their people before internet world lol its so funny to witness zoomers cluelessness

Preach, brudah. Preach.
Where is the copypasta about a Harrier house cleaning door to door?. Hell yeah, brudah.

It's not like any of their live actions remake has been any good either. Lol

Why is there a brownoid calling me a monkey? Lmfao

>I wonder who's being fragile here lmao
The chuds, of course
How's that even a question?

This is taken out of context without sound, the girl gets confused and asks if that’s Whitney Houston

>I'm not fragile for crying 24/7 over a characters race on a child's movie
I'm sure Hollywood decided that they would suddenly change the mermaids race out of nowhere and I'm sure we will eventually see the black panther being played by a white actor in the future, amirite?!