Is France on your bucket list?

Is France on your bucket list?

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Bucket list for countries I would nuke?
Yes, but my priority is USA

They don't do anything wrong, they just help to unload the luggage

the bus kicked them off and they were running back to get their shit

France is on my BLACKED list

Wow France sure is fancy! But how do they know where to take the luggage?

On my bukkake list

From the 60s-90's, yes. Patiently waiting for time travel

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yeah, the shit-bucket

I went to lyon already, Im content. Would like to see Normandy tho



Why do angloid flags hate the french so much ?

I don't. Mel doesn't.

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Been to Toulouse, worst city in Europe I been to. Nice was nice though

yes I would like to go to france

kek based niggers

No because I've already been to France and Switzerland

It shouldnt be seen by anyone. Its avthird world shithole. The perfect example of what a country should not look like

You must be top 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 in India

came here to post this