As an American it is my duty to protect all of you

As an American it is my duty to protect all of you

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Th-thank you

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Only from China
The UK alone would put Russia, North Korea, or Iran on their arse in any military conflict whatsoever

That isn't a dig btw, not a big fan of China, me. Just the facts.

>As an American it is my duty to protect all of you
Nope. Leave me alone.

Mr. Monroe would like a word with you...

And who will protect us from you?

No one >:)

thank you america i love you please protect us from china

I love you.

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but you ARE china

We will also protect you from us

The U.S.A meddling with other countries is a significant reason why you
>Receive a shit tonne of immigrants
>Receive a tonne of hatred
>Received 3 ½ æroplanes colliding with important government edifices.
>Had a naval base bombarded.
>Had to hastily retreat from two wars.
>Almost ended the world with your country's ego; how an inanimate nation has an ego is something to be said.
>Many more things I've missed or do not know about.
Stop being the world police, it only makes the world a worse place à la fin.

>The World

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stfu be grateful to america

I don't. I love BRICS.

cant even protect schoolkids from bei g forced to reenact that mw2 mission


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go be chinese somewhere else

We're too busy protecting you

Why did you abandon us?

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Why do Westerners get angry with Asian people over the coronavirus plague, when they literally worship a man named Moses as a prophet who brought plagues upon Egypt?

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worth it

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we have a special relationship

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Lol look at this bong.

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If it wasn't for us you would barely be honduras-tier