Do people die in school in your country

do people die in school in your country

that sounds crazy

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Yup because stupid fucks won't ban gun ownership which would solve like 50+ different social issues in this country but fags cant part from their toys.

yes one kid collapsed and died in a restroom, he was literally cold when they found him, he had some heart disease


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>training for school shooting response
>bring a fucking rifle in a rifle calibre
I have this horrible feeling that they just want to play with the toys they got given for free as surplus from the wars in the desert and don't actually plan on doing anything to save children

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well to be fair, when the tyrannical government takes over you're gonna need those 18 year old autistic incels and 400lb boomers behind every blade of grass

>ban gun ownership
Good luck with that

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>just ban le guns
>all problems will be solved!
>violence will be no more!
Imagine being this retarded. Only places that could work are island nations, and even then it's still possible for criminals to get guns. In a place like US, with a border with Mexico, and millions of guns both registered and unregistered? You can never put that cat back in the bag, at this point criminalizing gun ownership will only harm the law abiding citizens.

you are correct. i still remember when an MRAP got passed between 7 or 8 local police and sheriff departments. they all thought it was cool and then none of them could afford the upkeep.

BTW this one doesn't even include 2020 which spiked in numbers

he never said it would solve gang-related crime.

yes, you can literally just ban it
moron lol

doubt that banning gun would stop people from being mentally ill or criminal.

>The Monash University shooting was a mass shooting in which a 36-year-old international student killed students William Wu and Steven Chan, both 26, and injured five others including the lecturer. It took place at Monash University, in Melbourne, on 21 October 2002. The gunman, Huan Yun Xiang, was acquitted of crimes related to the shootings due to mental impairment, and is currently under psychiatric care.

Yeah, during a high school trip.
We were booked in a hotel, and our rooms had balconies.

Everyone got drunk, one guy tried to impress some girls and rather than going to their room using doors and corridors like a normal human being he decided to pay respects to the ancient tradition of balconing. He tried jumping from one balcony to the other (they were really close, easily done under normal conditions) but he was drunk, he slipped and his stupid ass fell from the second floor

dead on the spot kek.

after that event our math guy and the physics teacher were banned from going on school trips together, since they were also drunk at the time

no but there were terrorist attacks in universities a long time ago

muttshartistas be like
>yeah we’re the only country with guns buyable in grocery stores and school shootings, but there are slot of other factors here!

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It wouldn't solve any gun related crimes, whatsoever. You are retarded to think otherwise, there are hundreds of millions of guns in the US and anyone who wants one, could easily get one.


nice reddit image you soyboy
the parliment could outlaw guns overnight and everyone would have to hand them in or be shot by police