Are people rude in your cunt?

They are here(California)

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just the other day.
I send some girl I knew in college a follow request on the gram.
I was just doing a mental sweep of all the acquittances I knew like 4-5 years ago.
and I remembered her name for the first time in forever.
So, I looked her up. Sent her a follow request, and she did not just ignore it. She blocked me.
It's NOT like we DONT know each other to a certain extent.
I get it's been a few years, but still
Beyond rude

this has never happened to be before.
its monopolizing my mental energy.
It just bothers me so fucking much

And I have shit to do.

an asian lady gave me a death glare earlier but other than that people are usually ok towards me

Was she squinting at you?
I think that might just be you misreading it.

No way. California has the nicest people in the cunt. I've been all over.

she was eyeballing me pretty hard and it didn't feel affectionate

That might have to do with you being a tourist.

What do you look like?

i dont know
light brown blondeish hair

I’m suffering and my effort post will not be ignored.

We’re you in a Chinese area?
Idk some old people are just like that.
Is this really the only time this has happened to you?

no it's the middle of nowhere
I've been stared at but this felt like pretty intense hate

My girl and I need to get on starting a family like this asap. Love California
She's probably just been infected by left wing
faggotry, simple as
Probably thought you were a creep because women are often stupid or just plain weird

We got along fine.
No other woman has done this to me EVER.
Not in high school. Not in college. Never
She has like a 100 followers too.

I don’t think she forgot who I was.
Sucks. She was super pretty.
Like 10 ten I have ever seen IRL.

Some girls will do this thing where they’re in a mood and if anyone interacts with them during that mood they’ll just block them out of their life forever for no reason. She was probably in a bad mood in the moment, nothing on you

Do they really?
This is literally a first occurrence.

God I hope there not like that.
Better for my pride I guess
But society?!

Nah still most aren't like that. Society fr tho

I did ask her out to lunch once.
I think I caught her off guard.
I’ve felt distain from women before.
This was 100 percent shock. Never seen a woman so flustered.
Eventually she came up with the “I have food at home line” I said it was fine she laughed it off and I went to get lunch. We acknowledged each other when we saw each other for a year and then nothing.

Still super rude.
I can feel when a woman does not want to talk to me. It does happen. But I never got that vibe from her EVER.

Don’t know why I dwell on this.
There are real relationships I give less thought too.

>California with Mexicans - worst state
>California with Chinese - okay state
>All-White California - best state

The average white Californian is not someone you want to live around. Maybe 30 years ago it was different.

Meh I don't think so

i'd like to think plenty of us are still cool, we're just blending in with the retard crowd