New kino dropped

new kino dropped

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What's happening?

so putin sold off armenia?

a chad, doing chad things...

Brown thread

putin sold russia to china

Erdogan is hosting an Tupperware presentation.

Based. Please nuke Pakistan, Israel and Palestine

physiognomy check?

>and then I said "Armenia"? I hardly know her!

>Israel and Palestine
Why both?

putin is minuscule

he looks like Putin

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Le geopolitics game my friend, and there's no allies in this game only interests, read foundations of Geopolitics by Dugin

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>"Brown thread"

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What are these faces conveying?

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Who are these people?

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Wtf mates /k/ told me that Putler was sitting in a bunker in siberia with a revolver in his mouth...

well the mustasche one are erdogans guard

ok whos the chad that asked for orange juice

More like new BLACKED

Because it's all a big game. See

Looks like some bros having a good time.

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presidential entourage

I recognize Erdogan, Aliyev, Guterres (UN Secretart general), Putin and Lukashenko. Armenia is finished

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Happy for not being a young Russian soldier in Ukraine

kek what the fuck is puting doing over tehre? shouldnt he be doing war tactics shit?