How the fuck did Bruce afford this thing?

How the fuck did Bruce afford this thing?
The ISS cost 150 billion and it's practically a pod in one of those capsule hotels compared to this.

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slave labor in 3rd world countries

Bruce's money power keeps growing in the background. At this point he should just be able to buy all of Gotham and deport everyone with less then 100k in income.

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comic writers don't understand how expensive stuff is, much like how they don't get how math works

How does Superman punch through buildings without destroying his fists?

By having a lantern who could just fly stuff into orbit for him.


How does Flash run so fast without destroying himself?

>The ISS cost 150 billion and it's practically a pod in one of those capsule hotels compared to this.
Wait, wait wait. You're telling me that a government 'cost plus' pork program with multiple layers of committees all demanding additional sub-programs added to a ballooning budget is somehow MORE expensive than some billionaires' private passion project?

No. Way.

Also, don't look up the SpaceX's "Voyager Hotel" and how it will costs less than 1/100th the price of the ISS despite being 50 times larger.

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Getting heavy stuff into orbit is the expensive part and the JL has multiple heroes that can lift tons of shit into orbit at just the cost of their time.

Youtuber tier IQ.

The real question is how Bruce was somehow able to hide it as a simple tiny thing in the WE's space branch.

I heard he's blackmailing half the Justice League

>big building
>build it literally anywhere
>have superheros fly it into space for free
Should be cheap af

every WayneTech rocket launched into space includes several parts of the Watchtower. After a few years, all he needed to do was go up there and assemble it.

Aw you think Musk is going to follow through

How cute

>muh untaxed billionaires build better infrastructure cheaper and aren't totally corrupt

This is a lie. You fell for rightard propaganda.

I feel like the amount of Rocket fuel the Javelins use is probably pretty expensive too

It's almost like he had help building it from aliens with superpowers

This. There's no launch costs. Labour is volunteer and free from other capes. So it's just material costs. R&D costs minimal as they're using Thanagarian and Martian designs.

Someone could calculate the material costs of the ISS compare the ISS and Watchtower sizes and come up with a cost estimate on the thing.

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Just like hes making that hyperloop railway

Does that include the payouts from the lawsuits when it inevitably catastrophically vents and kills a dozen people because of corner-cutting


It's never gonna exist
Musk has a long history of promising the moon and delivering a moonpie
Just ask Vegas

Because it's not real.
It's make believe