YOU ARE NOW IN CHARGE OF [insert non-big2 company]


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Is there really anything I need to do? They seem to be doing just fine.

I'd like to try and make the album format work. 48-60 pages annually, can line up on your shelf. Quality not quantity and sales matter.

> Fire the piece of evil trash that had Red Sonja castrate a ex lover when he shows up asking WTF when she up and abandons him without explanation when she realizes he wants kids.
> Revisit the scene and make clear the castration was a accident on her part & maybe make clear he was actually trying to rape her to justify her fighting him at all because as is the scene is a horrifying blemish upon the character.

Yeah they all have decent titles that people like

More genuinely adult titles and more capeshit. These would be separate not the same shit. “Adult” capeshit is always awful.

This isn’t true at all. For quality maybe, not for sales and revenue.


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Celebratory Wank

> Drop the recent trend of more kiddy Godzilla books.
> Do a alternate timeline comic with Godzilla escaping the iceberg earlier and fighting Rodan & Varan in the late 50s. Comic is in B&W like pic related and is moody & serious toned like the original Gojira.
> Buy the scripts for several canceled Kaiju films from Toho and adapt them into comic form (mothra vs bagan, godzilla vs gunhed among others)
> Buy the script for the Stan Winston Godzilla film (that preceeded the 98 film) and adapt it as a comic with the best most hyper detailed artist I can hire.
> Hire Fil Barlow to draw a comic series continuation of the post 98 animated Godzilla series.

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Did mark waid create boom or is he just involved?


>Revive old 80s/90s property out of desire to make old fanfics from childhood real
>Produce 12 issues if lucky, but most likely never get past 8
>Forced to cancel due to low sales and then summarily fired
>Repeat with next guy
That's literally how these companies work.

Pretty much this.
The only thing I would do is use my power to get an artist (maybe even an editor and co-writer) to publish my own comic.

All of them are moving past licenseshit as their major focus

>non big two comics
Not a thing. This isn't manga, you only have the big two.

They can try, but they simply can't live without it because they don't have the Big 2 money to keep them afloat.

Is dark horse doing ok nowadays? What do they publish? I haven't checked them in a while.

Dude, Boom's been killing it with their creator owned stuff
Image does creator owned primarily aside from Skybound only recently doing licenses
Licenseshit doesn't make much money in the grand scheme of things when you look at the actual charts

>Image Comics
Ow, the edge
Literally nothing but licensed shit
>Dark Horse
What do they have besides Hellboy not that it's over? Star Wars? Blegh.
>Boom Studios
Literally who?

>creator owned
Good one user

Are you a time traveller from the 90s?