Early concept art/pitch thread

for example, the Powerpuff Girls' designs were almost changed because test audiences thought they looked weird

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First time I liked an early design, it looks better than the final one.

They’re good but I can’t imagine them punching and kicking the shit out of people

Would you let Bubbles finger you if she had fingers?

>David Feiss considered having James Earl Jones to be the voice of Weasel, but Michael Dorn was recommended to him by Johnny Bravo creator Van Partible and found him to be a perfect fit.
>"I Am My Lifetime" was made around the time of the 1996 Time Warner-Turner merger that brought Warner Bros. and Hanna-Barbera under one roof. According to Richard Pursel, the writers considered having elderly versions of Looney Tunes characters at Weasel's retirement home to take advantage of this, but in the end stuck to Hanna-Barbera characters since the writers were sure they could use them legally.
>According to Maxwell Atoms (creator of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy), the original plot for "The Magnificent Motorbikini" was about Weasel crashing his Vespa in Italy, but in the end changed it into a motorcycle/bikini hybrid and Weasel crashing into another dimension since he found it entertaining.
>An early design for I.R. Baboon had him with a more exposed butt, thinner tail, slighty longer face, no hair on his head, and the R on his shirt turning left instead of being upside down.
>Early concept art shows that the show was originally going to be called "I Are Weasel" and I.R. Baboon was named I.R. Monkey at one point.
>Before settling with I Am Weasel as the backup segment for Cow and Chicken, David Feiss had an additional concept titled Uncle Mustard.

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Cow and Chicken was originally developed as a picture book. It would have had a softer art style and the title characters were friends rather than siblings.

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Totally Spies really was just intended to be a fetish cartoon, wasn’t it?

why is he looking at Buttercup like that

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It's about a bunch of hot teenage girls in skintight spandex suits, of fucking course it was a fetish cartoon

Just realized it was a French cartoon too, so even more reasons I should have seen it earlier

>"FIRST DRAWING of MR. CROCKER!! I had originally designed him for a different show idea. But when Fairly OddParents sold I moved him into Dimmsdale and redesigned him."

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Wow the ear actually makes sense here

>it looks better than the final one.


Yeah the neck is also his jaw for the looks of it.

Then you obivously haven't watched enough anime.

I like these designs a lot. They don't look like giant-eyed fingerless mutants that look out of place with all the other characters

test audiences need to be genocided

How do these designs look more weird than the finalized ones? These ones look more NORMAL if anything

Will have to agree with other anons that these designs aren’t that bad. I probably even prefer them to the ones we got.

No, the designs as we know them today were considered weird, Craig wanted them to look the way they do from the start, the OP image was the initial response to test audiences saying they looked like freaks
They even appeared in the original show

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I can Cracker point here, for what the show was it makes some sense they look the way they look, but I like those designers better. I just think if they looked like that the show wouldn't had the same appeal that it has today somehow, despite PPG looking weird they also look iconic, those bitches look more like background characters and really don't standout as much as they should.