Why do so many female artists do this?

why do so many female artists do this?

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what? draw better than you? keep seething

you know why

>implying women give a shit about big milky mommies with thick asses
They aren't actually women.

all artists, 100% of them, are gay

Gay women and women with body issues and narcissistic adaptations to modern media that dragged them towards bisexuality dont exist?ddgjnd

can confirm
am an artist. also gay. i pray for death every day.

i have mommy issues

You want them to draw ugly looking OC's or more realistic depictions of themselves or what? I don't get what you're trying to get at here.

it's a little bizzare how often female artists draw half-naked women and still claim to be straight.

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Who says guys don't wanna get dommed by their OC?

Artists are kinda autistic.
Every artist is simply less-autistic and more-talented Chris-chan.

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women have sex with each other and claim to be straight

In a heartbeat I would.

>am an artist. also gay. i pray for death every day.
Oh God do I pray, every single day.

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Women also marry men and claim to be bi.
It's complicated.

>artists tend to draw characters who don't look like them

It will be good

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I guess they think bimbos are attractive to men, so it's for clicks
>Filters, angles, makeup, lighting
Hope you don't fall for this shit, still looks awful with all of that

Yeah no shit shes wearing an entire Sephora store on her face but im just focused on those insane milkers.

If you can be whatever you want, why not be perfection?

Every girl always wants to be just a bit more pretty

This. Actual female artists often draw sexualixed female characters and OCs, but they often end up looking oddly masculine, or cute, but in a sorta asexual way despite attempting to make them look sexy. This even extends to many female porn artists. The "female" artists who draw shit like in the OP typically have a dick.

Can people become bisexual? I know in prisons there’s guys that do gay things because no women, but I don’t know if people can genuinely become a different sexuality and wholeheartedly enjoy it.