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where is jihyo

picking up trash


Don't care loser. You're a cuck who wants women to be enjoyed by other men it's really vile and pathetic. Everyone laughs at you

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Me at the right

jennie and rosie were seen leaving with the weeknd at 2 am...

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The leak is out: Lisa will marry rich old man before 2024 after bp disbands

) 2nd Full Album

DAY 1: 1,011,266

TOTAL: 1,011,266

she should take that forehead implant out

Attached: 220916 IVE “REI” (아이브 레이) 콩순이 따라하는 레이 (MINI FAN MEETING) | 뮤직뱅크 • 비몽 01.09.webm (1080x1920, 2.9M)


Why make up rubbish

reisama we kneel


ive log - soulless
kepchup - soul
lightjeans - soul
twice tv - ultra soul

Holy fuck oncelsisters we just got destroyed...

and the only possible explanation is that they sucked his dick I assume?

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at least he doesn't waifu her though, that would be insane

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She doesn't know hopefully

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mucho sexo, mucho mucho sexo

'Shut Down'— 00:00 KST

#1 Bugs (=)
#1 Genie (=)
#2 MelOn top 100 (+1) *New Peak*
#7 Flo (=)


lisa sexo

fat busu

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Not really considering she is very pretty. We don't have any control over what they do but celebrating bad things is what's wrong

Pink Venom took #1 during this
Looks like Shut Down is a flop

ive's logs

not only that...

pink venom unironically the worst in the album

Today Jenny was spotted at an airport crying her eyes out.
I bet she got dumped by V.

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it's a grower

omo what a cute daughter in the middle

I see the samefag is going at it hard, the new bp must be a banger

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I'm too annoyed with Jennie to care because of the V pics

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that was yesterday
but also today armys are mad cause he went to blackpinks album release party

poor tewynn!

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she has cum in her eye dumb roastie

mucho mucho

> ive's logs
sex condom
sex condom why use
vaginal blisters
vaginal blisters bleed
handjob tutorial
handjob tutorial youtube

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v keeps getting her pregnant and forcing her to get abortions show some respect

Lisa got me drunk and then...

honestly, it is. i kind of liked pink venom but theres a part that i dont like. shut down is fine from start to finish

pink venom's over..

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hikaru is giga busu

Then she humiliated you in front of her friends

hikaruschizo make some mao shops

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squid... sex

Hard to Love is really good

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