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We thought Lisa was the tortured monkey from /gif/, but it turned out to be Womy

so blackpink and ive are the only tier 1 girl groups now? aespa kinda fell off and newjeans needs another good comeback before they can enter

*kiss the monitor*
I love my wife so much

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Jisoo is fucking useless in BP

No she doesn't want us sadly that's why we have to go where Sulli went

she didn't need those chimplants

okay, I'll shill Blackpink for a few days and then go back to slandering their name when the hype dies down

she has no idea

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>tier 1

yejibros shut down is kind of catchy

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big fan

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how did aespa fall off?


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Just Blackpink

>7 letter
massage? very true

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How long can we keep this sweet lie up before the despair drowns it all

blackpink is not kpop

this is sohee isnt it? link?

What are you even talking about this time our Jisoo has a beautiful presence and a tight arsehole shut up

its a banger brother

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shut up brother

She is a useful as the others

then why are all the blinks here in kpg?

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Isn't a lie, brother. I'll marry her.

Is anyone more of a succubus than kinky Yena?

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well the charts just look at them, ive has had three songs bigger than savage and they haven’t had a hit in a year

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yeah, from her insta and from this guys post

These elite Stacies make me feel so small and pathetic

Anything which isn't Seo Taiji is not kpop.

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it's just 2 guys

all 4 are. teddy and r.tee are the only ones who actually do anything

Blackpink is the most Kpop ever