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wow gorgeous

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how can anyone call lisa pure after this?

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mother & daughter

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Fuck minjuturd

Spicy brown vixen

wait wut? which stayc song?

light, siganal, action

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I thought the same

my lovely daughter and her girlfriend

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made for

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Nope he got none


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Was Newjeans new reality show filmed before their debut or is being filmed just before airing? How do these things usually go?

So bad

absolute banger

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I haven't seen any yonhi posts lately...

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im curious about the behind the scenes of the idol business, how is it that no idols have spoken out about the industry (not counting the ones that flopped)

he’s literally filming he squatting ass


finally hypeboy surpassed attention
next is cookie to ultramogg bp so these used hags finally retiree to suck dick or something

with her friend

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it's not it's just disco with a club beat dnb is very specific

what exactly is this pose accomplishing


Literally just a guy who worked at the radio station who was lucky to get a pic via Lisa's generosity

his BLACK and her PINK if you get what i mean

Kashiwagi san..

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The best ones track the pre-debut preparation period as well as the debut activities. Like IZONE CHU

DC bros!

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>spotify south korea

The bodyguard didn't realize Gaeul was part of IVE so he tried to close the door on her lol

Just spurted to those Wonho pics from last thread.

we're chillin

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yes that's his job

What is that golden device it looks interesting


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being ghoul is suffering

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looks like an automatic door, hence why yujin puts her hand over the sensor

i'm buying one ticket for me one for yunkyfriend

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i have no idea!

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all good

why is it in japanese

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it's hard being the #1 lisa fan on kpg, you lot really dislike her


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Umm...this yonhi pic looks a bit too s*xy...

>that look when she gets out

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but everyone loves henlo

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he thought she was a manager LOL

we 'ate trannies
simple as

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I just searched it's a lamp, the bulb is hidden below the disc part

japanese staff leaked the japanese version

>dnb is very specific
Yeah it's exactly what stayc's so bad sounds like please just say you don't know

It's the typical DNB beat and leads,. Although dnb likes using that retroish sound. Listen to ladida for disco vibes or twice ICSM

Kino senbatsu
Mayuyu, yukirin, jurina, kojiharu

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heh you maybe be sort of right the pattern is correct but whatever drum machine they used is off

I never even noticed that before, good catch

Oh sounds sick. Apparently it's on a big channel so it should have a good prod budget


i hope you have a lot of money cause there are over 200 quadrillion yunkyfriends

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damn what a babe

yonhi flashing all of korea

bros how the hell do you use Xmedia to make sure webms fit under the size limit? shit makes no sense to me

no there's like three

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i see
pretty neat

used to

>Still #5 when it is prime KST streaming time
its over

choose the lowest bitrate to save space

Izone chu was so fucking kino, is there any other idol content that comes close?

xmedia has uses but i wouldn't recommend it for webms

I am not long awake and have not yet listened to the BP song, is it as shit as I am expecting?

Kpop always copies genres but make them less epic so yeah real dnb just like real rock etc is always better

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it's better than pink venom

1 2 3 IVE

it's friday night bro, all the cool people in korea are getting laid

No, IZONE had the best content by far

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