(블랙핑크 The Happiest Girl 가사)

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why do blinks take KPG so serious?

First for Lily

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You don’t wanna be on my bad side that’s right I’m slidin’ through
Bunch of wannabes that wanna be me, me three if I was you
Been around the world, pearls on ya girl, VVS's we invested uh
Need a lesson see the necklace, see these dresses
We don’t buy it we request it uh

A rockstar, a popstar but rowdier
Say bye to the paparazzi, get my good side, I'll smile for ya
Know it ain’t fair to ya, it’s scarin’ ya like what now
Blackpink in your area, the area been shut down. It’s a shutdown

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Why are oncels hated so much here?

small browns come here from twitter to post bad stink shit

You're the cutest Kepler poster on this board. Please post more.

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that was the most blatant samefag i've seen, almost mustafa tier

>the best song by far is a solo
what did they mean by this?

Weird. I guess Rosie should move to the states. Aside from jennie, she's the most western anyway

they are all like 14 years old

>ROSÉ’s solo track “Hard To Love” hits #1 on the all-Genre chart on Genius !

i'll be her first

blinkchads we are back and putting the other group shitters in their place, feels good


>best song on the album only has the best member on it
i wonder

i started the class:y survival show last night and this one chose me

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yejibros we wake up in the morning and we got murder on our mind

>rei dive hole
>rei dive HOLES....

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i need this with audio

boiling samefag, embarrassing

After Like > Love Dive > Eleven

My Satisfaction > Royal > Take It

Anyone who actually likes music and not just K-pop has known since the beginning that Rosé was the best musician.

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tally didn't chart (swearing lol)

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She really, REALLY wants to get fucked raw doesn't she?
So the whole mv is just recycled and stolen shots?

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any melon chart updates

Jennie "The Whore" Kim

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100% wrong

like literally turn each and every one of these around

stop taking kpg so serious dude there is so much more to life than this

who will be the first to cry on stage on The Happiest Girl?

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Otoboke Beaver thread

Very based, nmixx comeback soon

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Korea is going to be forced to accept that the rest of the world doesn't care about fuck and shit. Swears aren't that big of a deal

Turn 360 degrees and walk away faggot

ya usually it's pretty easy to tell who's an idol so that they have a stepping stone to another career, and who really loves performing

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blackpink makes music for low IQ people so it's not surprising their fans are low IQ

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love dive > after like = eleven
take it > royal >>> my satisfaction

stolen? no
lazy and unearned references? yes

choose one

I'm not the one seething on cooldown here eslbro

new cope chart just dropped

is this girl pure?

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Ishida san..

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AfterLikeBros we're still winning. BP might be selling a shit ton but thats because their fanbase don't have ears

HanteoCharts: 20220916 @ 6:25PM KST

"BORN PINK" — 1,007,661 copies [1st Day]

still counting*

1 milli first day

[gook gibberish]

her eyes are so damn hot

which group has the best dance calligraphy

Glad to see TTT back. Lets see who can actually cook

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oncebros... i have no choice but to kneel

she was cheating on GD

bp has proved time and time again that they're our girls


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We should stop arguing and just help each other feel good like we always used to, just like back in the kpg golden era...

this is impossible
it's been 6 hours, you can't move that many albums


no oncelqueer, we will not erp with you

huh is pure

Rei is pure actually

need her and kazuya to punish me

post kazuhas fat ass


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h-how will KazuJin punish you?

that's a man!

kazoo wife
jennifer mistress

myroasties we are LEAVING

why is after like still #1??

this but reversed